France is like a wonderland of places to visit and things to do. When people think of romantic European countries, two come to mind, France and Italy. There are overseas French territories to visit as well. Is there a particular part of France that you would like to visit. These five top attractions and things to do are all over the country, and maybe you can add one or more of them to your itinerary.

The Louvre Museum is located in Paris at 99 Rue de Rivoli, and it is a place for people that are art lovers for sure. Would you like to see the original Mona Lisa? The glass pyramid is a work of art in and of itself, and people say to make sure to stop by The Winged Victory.

The museum can get rather busy, so people say that you might want to actually buy tickets ahead of time to avoid the lines. By the way, one reviewer said that this is the world’s largest museum.

Place Stanislas is located in Nancy at Rue Stanislas. Get ready to check out a beautiful place complete with wrought iron gates, cafes and restaurants, an opera house, city hall, golden gates and more according to reviews.

People say it is extra special to visit at night, especially with a luxury car rental, as the buildings are all lit up. It’s a light show of sorts, and you get to see so much if you visit Place Stanislas.

Nice is home to Castle Hill, another great place to visit in France. Check out the panoramic view once you get to the top, and afterward, you might want to go back down and check out the things you saw from up there on Castle Hill.

Nice is certainly a popular city to visit, and Castle Hill gives you the chance to see it all. While at Castle Hill, you also get to check out the beautiful gardens and the waterfall.

Dune du Pilat is in La Teste de Buch, and let me ask you something. How do you get a desert by the ocean? Well, it happens, and this place is said to be quite interesting. Make the climb, and you get to check out some amazing views. People say to take your time to enjoy this place, and it is also mentioned that there are souvenir shops.

Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere is in Lyon, and it is a beautiful church with nice architecture and stained glass. Reviews mention that the terrace behind the church offers amazing panoramic views. The cable car can take you to the top, but it is mentioned that you do have to walk down.

These five French destinations are going to impress. If you make it to all of them, be sure that you check out things to do in the surrounding areas, too. The first attraction is in Paris, and you could spend your entire vacation there quite easily without ever leaving the city.