One thing we know about luxury car rental is that you aren’t limited in your choices. If you search for it online, you will see that you have choices beyond the BMW and the Mercedes Benz. You also have Jaguar and Bugatti.

You can rent those fancy car brands at practically any rental company in the world, especially in well-known luxury destination like the French Riviera. If you want to drive in style and comfort, you will definitely want to drive any one of them. But how much to rent?

You can expect for rental prices to be more expensive than renting non-luxury brand like Toyota or even Honda. Sometimes, way more expensive. This is especially true in the case of cars like Bugatti that cost at least one million dollars to buy.

When you rent, you can expect to pay at least a hundred dollars per day, and that’s being cheap. But then again, you get what you pay for. Renting luxury car brands is one way for you to gain bragging rights. If you can’t afford to buy them, at least you can afford to rent them.

Of course, just because you can afford to rent, it does not mean you can just go and rent from the first car rental services you will find. You will want to find the best car rental company in terms of rental price as well as terms and conditions.

What you want to do is find luxury car rental services in your area by typing the words luxury car rental” in the search bar of Google. If you live in a large city, you should be able to find at least three local companies you can rent fancy cars from.

Take a look at their website and contact each of them for their prices. Ask what the rental in Paris covers. Does it already include insurance? Can you have the car for 24 hours or do you need to return it before a certain hour.

More than the prices and the terms and conditions, though, you will want to get an idea about the condition of the cars. This isn’t something you can thoroughly check by looking at the pictures of a website. If you can, have someone or yourself go to the location of the car rental services and check out the actual condition of the car you are thinking of renting. Make sure there are no dents.

The answer to those questions will help you narrow down your choices. Certainly, a rent price of $250 for 24 hours is cheaper than $150 for only eight hours.

While you can rent luxury cars anytime when you feel like it, there are certain times when you absolutely need to, like when you have a special event to attend and it’s very important that you make an impression when you arrive, like when you have to attend a school homecoming. Or when your child needs to attend the prom.